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Built on a solid foundation

Emerging from an illustrious history spanning over 100 years in the comfortable living space, Kavya Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. (KBPL) is one of the leading South Mumbai-based conglomerate of builders and real estate developers. Regarded as highly experienced construction experts , KBPL is actively engaged in the development of residential apartments, commercial premises, logistics parks, SRAs, redevelopment projects, boutique villas, townships and mass housing projects for the government, Kavya group believes in fulfilling every dream by providing exceptional lifestyle upgrades at every step.

Today, as a real estate developer, Kavya has expanded its vision to go ‘Beyond Levels’ to scale new heights fearlessly.

A glance at the Kavya logo can give a deep insight into its robust principles. Kavya in blue symbolizes the duality of the qualities of the ocean and sky. While it embodies the ocean to signify a deeply rooted and enhanced foundation, it also embodies the sky to signify infinite growth and opportunities to fulfill the ultimate dream of providing a beautiful home for all. The Kavya green sapling symbolizes the harmony sustained with mother earth.

Be it commercial real estate or residential real estate, with every project, KBPL creates benchmarks in excellence at every turn with basic fundamentals such as perseverance, persistence and detailed attention to strategies and concepts. Coupled with teamwork, quality, innovation, upgraded technologies, materials and modern amenities - KBPL stands a class apart not just as a developer but as a company that is built on values which shine on in every one of the successful projects.

Nurturing a strong set of corporate values at heart, we endeavor to broaden our horizons to make the foray into Supermarkets, Malls and the Entertainment Industry, the Hospitality Sector, Healthcare and Educational Facilities. Additionally we have our hearts set on infiltrating the burgeoning reality sector of Gujarat, Goa and Dubai.

We aspire to be at the forefront of the reality sector by creating communities which are paradigmatic of a thriving, developed and modern India. Our philosophy of going Beyond Levels is materialized in every one of our undertakings.

The Board of Directors



The senior most of all the directors and the chair of the leadership team, this successful entrepreneur started his career as a financer for most of the leading developers in Mumbai. His journey into the world of real estate has enriched thousands of lives along the way and today is a beacon of inspiration to those not only within the Kavya Group of Companies but also all those associated with it. Responsible for the financing structure of the company, he has also garnered a long lasting relationship with innumerable investors through the years.

A true veteran in the field, he has built a magnificent repertory of technical expertise, experience and excellence. His conservative yet practical approach has made Kavya a significant name when it comes to Trust, Faith and Credibility.


After venturing into the construction and reality sector at the exceptional age of 19, he immersed himself into various segments and amassed a comprehensive understanding of the business. At age 31, he founded KBPL.

He is a man who believes in dreaming big, and the biggest dreams he nurtures are for his beloved city of Mumbai. To him the gap between the high demand and supply in the housing sector can be bridged and he is at the forefront of creating endless opportunities to make this dream a reality. Leading Kavya Buildcon’s management team with this brilliant vision, he aims to create adequate spaces to accommodate each and every dreamer who comes to the city. Under his leadership Kavya is on a set course to develop the concept of living in Mumbai, to go beyond just homes and into the realm of world-class amenities and Sea-Green spaces.

The strong foundation and excellent domain knowledge he brings to kavya ensures that every endeavour that the company takes on is a marriage of great infrastructure, best-in-class amenities, investor interests and conservation of nature through sustainable housing.


Being a highly qualified chartered accountant is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the CFO of the Kavya Group Of Companies. With over a decade of experience and leadership in effectively managing the company’s financial activities, she has also been single handedly responsible for all ROC compliance matters of the company since its inception. She is considered a veteran when it comes to her analytical and organizational abilities and it is clearly visible in her efforts when it comes to formulating accounting systems, preparing accounting records and financial statements. Today she heads the entire finance department that handles corporate finances, accounting and internal auditing of the consortium of Kavya Group of Companies.

The Kavya Group has strived for greatness since its inception and has been blessed with a multitude of awards & recognition over the years. The cherry atop these prestigious awards is the STAR REALITY 2012 LORDS OF THE LAND – LEAGUE NEXT CATEGORY

The support we receive in the form of customer appreciation is a constant source of inspiration and support. The following are some of the customer reviews we have received over the years.

The company prides itself in being a socially responsible corporate and is well aware of its role and responsibility for a better tomorrow. Staying true to its values and powered by a genuine desire to fulfill all corporate social responsibilities, the Kavya Group is associated with different trusts, foundations and NGOs.

Founded on the name of one of the matriarchal member of the family, this is one of the key CSR initiatives that offer assistance to people below the poverty line.

Goonj’s mission as part of the CSR initiatives is to make clothing a matter of concern. All our products are made from the last strands and shreds of cloth, paper and other household material we get after sorting out the wearable, useable stuff. This product is made out of torn clothes/ jeans, audio tapes, etc. people discard in droves. There are no designer minds at work; it is largely ingenuity of our own minds.

An initiative by PDP FORUM, KBPL is actively involved in beautifying and creating a serene green environment of Priyadarshini Park, one of the best parks of Mumbai as part of its ever expanding CSR initiatives.